The best air freshener for Tesla model 3 & Y

Have you ever been driving with an unwanted smell lingering in your vehicle? It would not be a pleasant experience on our daily journeys. There are many possible reasons to cause odors, including takeaway food, pets, cigarette, and sweat.

Nobody likes a smelly car. It's unpleasant to sit in your car and with a bad smelling around, and you may feel embarrassed if you're giving friends a ride. Here are natural ways to eliminate odors and keep your car interior smelling fresh and pleasant.

Cleaning up your car

Always keep your car trash-free. If you like eating food, driving to a gym or having pets sit in your car, remember to empty any trash immediately, whether it is coffee cups, takeaway bags, wet dirty towels or tissues. Once you have removed anything that might cause a smell, vacuum the upholstery and the carpet as thoroughly as possible.

clean up cars to remove ordors

Using Charcoal / Baking Soda Just like a charcoal water filter, charcoal briquettes can be used to absorb moisture and odor from the air in your car. Simply leave them in your car overnight. Activated charcoal is very effective at odor control.

Use charcoal to remove ordors

For cleaning up liquid / vomit, baking soda should be your better choice. Just clean and wet down the stinky area, spread baking soda in a thin layer and let it dry. Then vacuum the dried powder at least a few hours later.

Use baking soda to remove ordors

Ground Coffee

Coffee has a delicious scent, and it actually could help absorb odors in cars as well. Whether you are a fan of coffee or not, this trick works. All you need to do is to place a can of coffee grounds with the lid open overnight. The odors will disappear without leaving the scent of coffee behind.

Use ground coffee to remove ordors


Vinegar is another non-toxic solution to neutralize alkaline odors. Leave it in a bowl inside your car overnight to remove odors with its evaporation process. You could also mist around a stinky area with a mix of vinegar and water and rub it down with a damp cloth.

Use vinegar to remove ordors

Natural air fresheners

Air fresheners and fragrances can add a pleasant smell to your car. However, many have been used to mask unpleasant odors without removing them. To make matters worse, most of the ingredients used in air fresheners are toxic, causing serious health concerns.

Natural car scents to remove ordors


Dailylab car fragrance stands out in this field due to its natural scents and stylish design. Ingredients sourced from the 250-year Swiss brand Givadan - the company creating perfumes for luxury perfumes - are all plant-based and toxic-free. Dailylab scnets are all child and pet-friendly, 100% safe to use.

Dailylab car fragrance with natural ingredients


Meanwhile, Dailylab also works with Swiss company Firmenich, the world's largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company, known for creating fragrance for brands including Calvin Klein, Gucci and YSL. Dailylab scents adopt DeodEclyx, DeodAcil, and EmotiBoost technologies to help neutralize odor and create positive emotions during the drive.

The bestseller Aroma Planet Car Diffuser, is crafted with a sleek minimalist design and 3 subtle natural scents, including Citrus & Tea, Amber & Pink Pepper, and Shenzhen 1979. The fragrance refills are interchangeable with more scents to choose from.

Dailylab aroma planet car diffuser

For your health and the well-being of others, you ought to take actions to eliminate the car odors that you experience. Reshresh your car with beautiful scents to enjoy a pleasant ride with your loved ones.

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