Aroma Planet Car Diffuser Set

Included Scents

Citrus & Tea
Top|Bergamot, Green Citrus, Grass
Middle|Freesia, Blackcurrant, Tea

Amber & Pink Pepper
Top|Pink Pepper, Litchi, Raspberry
Middle|Leather, Papyrus

Shenzhen 1979
Top|Fingered Citron, Orange Blossom, Clary Sage
Middle|Longjing Tea, Citrus, Geranium

Color :
Obsidian Black
Sandy White
Panda Set
Size :
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Citrus & Tea Refills
Quantity: 1 for Single / 2 for Set of 2

Amber & Pink Pepper Refills
Quantity: 1 for Single / 2 for Set of 2

Shenzhen 1979 Refills
Quantity: 1 for Single / 2 for Set of 2

Create positve emotional impact through scents

Technology to inhibit growth of bacteria in the air

Molecules to capture and bind odor-causing compounds

International Fragrance Association & Material Safety Certified

"We live with the air. We live with fragrances around vivid moments and memories."

Made For All Cars

Universal design suitable for over 98% of car air vents


The Aroma Planet car diffuser has 2 sets.

Set of 2 :
2 Aroma Planet Car Fragrance Diffusers
1 pack of scented refills (3 scents / 6 tablets)

Single Set:
1 Aroma Planet Car Fragrance Diffuser
1 pack of scented refills (3 scents / 3 tablets)
Each scented tablet lasts up to 45 days. Each set in total lasts up to 135 days.
* For a set of 2, it comes with 3 scents (each of 2 tablets).
* For a single set, it comes with 3 scents (each of 1 tablet).

The actual lasting time may vary depending on temperature, humidity, usage of air vent and other factors.
The Aroma Planet car diffuser is designed with an adjustable air vent clip to fit in most air vent grills. More than 98% of regular car air vents are supported.
Yes, we ship to US, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Korea, UAE and most European countries.

For inquiries, feel free to contact us at
Orders shipped within US usually take 6-10 business days to arrive.
International deliveries can take anywhere from 8-15 business days.
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Yes, the Aroma Planet car fragrance diffuser is available on Amazon visit the link
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